Our Story





For over five years, we have been designing and making our plushies. We are a small business that prides ourselves on knowing our customers and making the stuffed animal or plush decor they imagine. Not only do we create cute octopi plushies, we also make custom pieces for your loved ones to enjoy. We are currently available online and in two stores in
Rochester: Jenn's Cookie Creations and ShopOne.

Michelle started Fleecimals during her sophomore year of college, sewing small octopi for her friends and family. After selling a few she decided to venture into local artist alleys and conferences. A year later she found her business manager Sarah who is a brilliant saleswoman and innovator. The Duo is frequently seen at local Rochester Conventions such as Tora Con and STARFest, and they love to meet all of their supporters!

Not a long while after, Michelle was introduced to Maddy, a talented seamstress who has a love for packaging, plushies, and aquatic animals. Maddy rounds out our team producing more of our lovable plushies.  Noah joined shortly after as our head photographer taking product shots for our social media and website.


 We are all so glad that our little friends get to be adopted by YOU! So thank you for supporting us, our plushies, and our team!

Happy Adopting!