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  • Can I commission a custom plushie?
    Yes, you can! Please visit our Custom Order page and fill out a form set directly to us! We can make handwarmers and plushies to match your design/dream. All custom orders must be ordered in sets of 5 or more. All custom orders do have custom prices but are broken down into main form, accessories and an included $5 custom order fee. Custom order pricing does not include shipping.
  • Can I pay for an accessorized plushie or Custom plushie via the website?
    Once your accessorized plushie or custom plushie has been quoted, we will list your order on the website for you and you can purchase through our site! You can also pick and choose accessories for non-custom plushies through our shop listing Accessories.
  • I have a wheat allergy, can I still use an Ouchie the Octopus?"
    Yes! The Ouchie the Octopus is filled with a special blend that does not include wheat. For more information, please message us directly in the bottom right hand corner.
  • When I purchase a plushie from Fleecimals, what am I paying for?"
    That's a great question and we are glad that you asked! The price of our plushie includes all of the time that it takes to cut the many pieces (up to 22 individual pieces), the time to sew the pieces together, flip and stuff, attach together, and hand sew the finishing touches on. There is a lot that goes into each and every one of our specially designed plushies and you are paying for us to be able to make them for you. What about the Shipping? Simply put, you are paying the absolute lowest price that the post office offers plus the small cost of the box. Please note that during the Holiday season (October 15th - January 15th) the Post Office raises their prices for holiday shipping. We will have increased shipping prices during this time as well.
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