Frequently asked questions

How long are your sessions, how much do they average and what is included in the session?

Depending on the type and session package you select the session timeframe will range from 10 minutes up to 3 hours. The session fees range from $70 to $350, but the option to purchase additional digital images ($20 each) and/or prints & canvases (pricing varies on image size & quantity) are also avaiable. Within each package there is a breakdown of what is included (outfit/waredrobe changes, timeframe, amount of locations, amount of digitally retouched images) please inquire for details. Location fee may apply to some locations please inquire for details.

How late can I book a session?

I prefer 2 weeks out, due to scheduling restrictions. There will be a contract and invoice sent to your email. Every balance needs to be paid in full a week before session start time.

Will you photoshop my physical appearence?

I do not photoshop, but I will suggest my recommended makeup artist for your portrait session. By request, I will also provide you with a recommended stylist, if you need assistance with wardrobe options. If you are still in need of photoshop, the service can be provided starting at $150 an image. The price would be determined by the degree of the image alteration.

Where are the photo sessions held?

Headshots and Business Branding are held in studio. Please see the list of locations attached, please inquire if you would like to take your photos somewhere not on the list.

What happens after my session?