Artist Alley

Hi there! This is what we want to showcase for our entires into local con's artist alleys. We love going and seeing at cons and hope you enjoy all of our awesome handmade plushies and products!

Ouchie the Octopi
The fan favorite! These little guys are heat & ice packs! They can be used directly on the skin and are the perfect buddy! Keep him on your desk at work or in the freezer at home. When he’s being played with, you know they’re feeling better!
IMG_9866 copy.jpg
Our Artist Alley Booth
This picture is from FC3 2021 and just like Toracon it was amazing! We love having our booth stocked with amazing plushies to adopt, especially when their cosplay matches yours! We have so many treasures to choose from and we know your attendees with love them all!
From top hats and bow ties to light sabers and broomsticks. This board is a one stop shop for all of our amazing accessories for your Fleecimals plushie! Pick out a plushie, then your accessories, and we will sew it on right there for you!
RWBY Picture 2 Tiers.png
RWBY Cosplaying Octopi
The fastest seller by far is our RWBY Octopus Collection! Each octopus is made in custom character colors and have a laser cut colored acrylic weapon. These will certainly run out again!
Heated Neck Wrap Eels
Our newest addition to the team, but certainly one of the best! These eels are 
reheat-able neck wraps perfect for soreness or just warm cuddles. They are cute and perfect at keeping you company! They come in various colors and patterns, but act fast, these will be gone by day one!
Octopus Attachment Tote Bag
These bags are perfect for holding all of your con goodies! Plus, your new octopus plushie won’t take up any valuable space inside of the bag! Our unique, one-of-a-kind flower patch securely holds an octopus or squid right on the bag! Matching octopus included with purchase of tote.
Manta Ray Heat Pads
One of the biggest fan favorites since its launch in 2020! Our Manta ray heat pads are large (almost 20") adorable plushies that can be popped in the microwave. They are perfect for sore shoulders, backs and cramps! And yes, you can accessorize them too! They are available in a large range of colors and patterns!
Cosplaying Critters
From Harry Potter to Mario to Star Wars, our plushies are able to be decked out in amazing tiny cosplays. Many love to match their newly adopted friend to their own personal cosplay! We sew on accessories on site and can even make custom pieces while there!
Some of the products shown above are only available at local conventions, such as cosplay accessories and characters. If you want a custom plushie based on a character it must be commissioned at a con. Other amazing finds like our eels and Ouchies are currently available on our website!
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask through our chat bubble in the

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